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Welcome to Heard in Cameron Hall!

This web site is a collection of quotes from the clubrooms of UniSFA, UCC, and their associated IRC channels (#ucc and #unisfa). It was designed to get all the "heard in U*" nonsense off people's LiveJournals, and combine it with the Majickian-bashing comedy genius of the IRC channels.

Currently, the database contains a total of 561 quotes.


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Latest News

  • There hasn't been a news update here for the past 7 years now. Don't let that stop you though, Heard In Cameron Hall QDB is still used. The more people people say silly/stupid things, the more the quote database will grow. So get you best jokes out, get ready to judge things in spartans and start quoting.

  • Well into the swing of 2008's quotations season, and may I congratulate the freshers in particular for being even more quotable than those in years past. I am sure that, like the rest of us, you will one day look back on your socially inept, naively optimistic interactions with others, and laugh. Of course, you probably won't have changed a bit.

    For those of you playing along at home, quotations containing references to the QDB are not funny and unlikely to be included. Unless they're like, totally meta, I mean, you can see all the colours, man...

  • Welcome back to Semester 2, which promises to be an absolutely thrilling match for everyone here at UniSFA and the UCC. Keep those quotes flowing in, and - more importantly - keep saying stupid stuff.